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nutraceutical (nū-tră-sēū′tĭ-kŭl)

Any food component used for medicinal purposes. 
Examples include minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and 

Here at Greenleaf Health & Wellness, we believe that food, supplements, and nutriceuticals are a great tool to aid with many conditions. However, it is advised to be under a health practitioner’s care when purchasing these products. Purchase of products without supervision may cause interactions, side effects, unexpected reactions, and in rare cases death. By purchasing through this or any website you are taking personal responsibility for any adverse events.

We highly recommend purchasing products from reputable companies. As much as we love Amazon, there have been issues with counterfeit or expired products when buying through 3rd party sellers through these types of websites. At Greenleaf Health & Wellness, we do not advise purchasing health products from 3rd party sellers on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or other platforms. READ MORE HERE and HERE.


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