Hope for Breast Cancer Documentary

Date 2019-11-06-2019-11-11


Wife, mother, accomplished athlete, and all-around “health nut,” Angela Lima’s world was rocked upside-down when she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2017. Since then, her  “healing journey” has taken her down paths she never thought were possible and what she discovered was that cancer is not a new chapter to her book of life, it’s an entirely new book! She tried everything that she could to beat cancer and, in the process, experienced a life-altering revelation that helped her discover that there is truly Hope for Breast Cancer.



What originally started off as a philanthropic $50,000 donation from a young couple affected by cancer to sponsor a patient to receive non-toxic treatments, has evolved into a global movement that is now giving Hope for Breast Cancer to thousands.

TOGETHER, we can spread the truth that it IS possible to live a cancer-free lifestyle.

TOGETHER, we can help people understand that cancer is completely preventable.

TOGETHER, we can bring awareness to cancer patients & caregivers that the one-size-fits-all approach to cancer does not work!

TOGETHER, we can educate patients & caregivers that non-toxic, integrative options do exist!

TOGETHER we can empower the millions of people battling cancer that there is truly HOPE for a solution!

And… please keep us (and this project) in your thoughts & prayers. A self-funded charity event like this has never been done before. We are committed to bring this message of hope to the world through FREE screenings and educational events to all the nations!